The Crew 2 – Beta Sign Up (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

Beta Sign ups are now live for The Crew 2 – a new racer that looks set to build on Ubisoft’s ambitious but flawed original USA-spanning motorsports game, this time allowing players to race cars, bikes, boats and even take to the skies in planes as they explore and race across the vast and varied game world.

The Crew 2 takes it’s celebration of American motorsports and expands it in every way possible. There are still traditional racetrack, open world, off-road and motorbike races, but you’ll also be able to captain speedboats and agile aircraft in the various types to race around the game world.

It’s a fun looking game that looks set to offer huge variety of vehicles and a huge open world playground to race them in. Sign up for the Beta now to get behind the wheel early and unlock some cool in-game bonuses for the full game.

Sign Up For The Crew 2 Beta Here (PS4, Xbox One & PC)